Misty Westveld age-42
Love the body butter! It's not too thick which I like! And the pads are good too!!! ❤

The creme I picked up from you is the best ever it has a miracle ingredient my wrinkles under the arm didn't show up I will definitely be a customer. Thanks. 

Jill Wooten-42
I like them! Apparently so do my girls.  Keep finding them in their bathroom..

Valerie Fitzpatrick-75
I got mine yesterday! Like it! Thnx

Cassie Noll-44
This is AWESOME!! Carry the Black Caviar in my purse now! And, Kristy Turner Hurley loved the dry oil pads so much, I gave them to her with the honey body butter. luscious feeling!

Vicki Dowd-70
I love the black caviar pump. Using just a pea size on each hand helps the dryness!!!i think the design logo is very pretty ❤️

Monique Robinson-43
I'm obsessed..... I almost forgot my lip treatment last night. I was exhausted but jumped out of bed when I realized I didn't apply it.. 

 Also,I honestly applied lotion in the morning then afew quirts of perfume before I headed out the door for work.  However,  the body butter is game changer..... it  hydrates my skin w/out the greasy residue.  As you know .....I'm in and out of pediatricians offices all day w my J O B  & I use antibacterial gel multiple times a time . The body butter still provides moisture throughout day.   

I love it!  #imaskinsnobgroupie

Spring McCurdy-43
Love the products!  Smell good and feel great ❤️

Mary Fairbairn-67
These products are great. My skin feels softer.